Saturday, July 11, 2015

Baby Bit

How do you come to terms with the successes and failures in rescue?  Even when it appears that all is falling into place we are sometimes taken back by events beyond our control. 

Thus is the case with Baby Bit, the last remaining puppy from our foster dog's litter. The other day we celebrated that one had survived.  We did the happy dance that she would be reunited with her Momma.  We marveled at the prospects and championed a pup that had a bright future ahead of her.  Two rescues and many rescue contacts worked together across several states to give her a second chance.  All of us, rescue members, families and friends invested part of our hearts toward this happy ending.

Alas, the ending is not happy.  Sadly, Baby Bit crossed the bridge last night.  Maybe it was parvo, maybe coccidia...we will never know for sure.  I do know we grieve for a puppy, and rail at the injustices that lead to her death.

It is a part of rescue.  One day celebration, another day grim reality.  In the end we take comfort for opening our hearts, for willingly taking action, for loving a pup before we even met her.  At very least she knew gentle hands and loving touch.  We won't forget her, in fact we will work twice as hard because of her.  Rest in peace little one...

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